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Monday, September 13, 2010

50% Off All 3DATS Books and 100% of Sales Donated to an Amazing Charity

Charity & 3DATS 50% Off

50% Off All 3DATS Books and 100% of Sales Donated to an Amazing Charity!

For 30 days (September 13th through October 12th), receive any 3DATS book currently in print at 50% off and help an amazing charity – Soldiers to the Summit. On October 1st, a group of 12 disabled American veterans will embark on a dangerous journey to overcome devastating injuries from service in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to summit a Himalayan giant. 3DATS is proud to sponsor their journey by donating 100% of sales of books in the month leading up to their journey. Your support will not only help ensure that these heroes are safely equipped with the supplies they need, it will help improve the chance of future climbs by other heroes.

Led by mountaineer and adventurer Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person to ever summit Mount Everest, the team will attempt to do what few able-bodied people can imagine. The goal of the Soldiers to the Summit Himalayan Expedition is β€œto demonstrate to everyone that great things can be achieved no matter how high the obstacles.”

I would like to personally ask for your support in this wonderful cause. As a fellow soldier myself, I am humbled by the sacrifice these men and women have so visibly made and the courage they are showing in their expedition. As a fellow mountaineer, I am in awe that such an expedition can even be accomplished and I am honored to help in any way possible.

I invite you to visit the expedition website ( to learn more about the expedition and the disabled veterans that will be making this incredible journey. Be sure to check out the expedition trailer and some of the other great videos posted. They are truly inspirational!

Brian Smith

50% of 3DATS Books
To purchase one or more books currently in print (3ds Max & more) at 50% off, visit Every dollar will be donated to Soldiers to the Summit. On October 13th, SUMMIT DAY, we will announce the results of the fundraising effort and provide an update of the expedition. This campaign is the combined effort of 3DATS and CGarchitect.

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